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The Bachelor Season 19 with Chris Soules


Filming is well underway for Season 19. Because of that, our sleuthing forum and discussion forums are well at work. We have sleuthed out the filming schedule thus far, and also have pics of the dates. The filming schedule sleuthing forum as well as the twitter forum is there for us to figure out where and what Chris is doing next. If you are wanting to look at what contestants have been released in our sleuthing and spoilers forum, that is there too.

We'd love for you to join us in the sleuthing/spoiler forums!





Bachelor Canada Season Two is Underway...


The latest Bachelor; Tim Warmels came to Vancouver, BC where he began his quest to find his love.

Twenty-five women arrived in Vancouver for the chance to woo Tim. After night one, fifteen women remained to carry on the journey to love, beginning in Vancouver for at least the next episode. The group also visits Los Cabos Mexico, Bahamas and the Atlantis Water Park, Toronto and the Canada's Wonderland, and Italy to name a few. Where the finale is, that is left unknown right now, but you can be assured that drama and cattiness will ensue throughout the season....especially if night one with Lisa and the previews are any example of what we are in store of.

Coastal will be back with her blogs, charts and cheatsheets throughout and you KNOW you can leave your comments there. She is always looking to improving things and loves to know what you all think.

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A New Bachelor is on the Block


Recently on Good Morning America it was announced that the heart-throb farmer; Chris Soules will be the latest rose man.

So far filming is rumoured to occur in New Mexico. We, along with many others are hoping that he finds his lady and are really looking forward to him back on our tv's as of January 2015!



The Newest Bachelorette Announced

by coastal

During the Bachelor Finale and After the Final Rose broadcast, the newest Bachelorette to join the Bach "family" was announced. Congrats to Andi Dorfman who will be start filming her Bachelorette season soon. There are Bachelorette events coming soon so stay tuned in our Bachelorette section for more news. You can watch her announcement here. If you are interested, we also have a sleuthing section on the forum page that we will be kicking into high gear this season as we sleuth out the locations and contestants that will be on Andi's season.




The Bachelor Finale

by coastal

The Season 18 Bachelor Finale happened last night and by now, I am sure you all know the fiasco that happened. BUT, in case you don't or want to know more, Coastal's Blog will soon be up. You can also check the videos that are now up as well. Coastal's Bachelor Finale Charts are also up.





An Interview with Mike Fleiss and Other News

by Coastal 6/7/13

Coming soon, we will be bringing you all a special section. Have you ever wanted to know the stats but just don't...that is the only clue I am going to give you all for now.

Here's a tidbit that might interest all. Just saw this interview by Mike Fleiss where he is talking about the return of Bachelor Pad.

He also eludes to some possible hyjinks(more than the usual drama I would assume) with the ending of Desiree's season.

You can read the rest here.



Ten years of the Bachelor

by coastal 3/27/12


In honour of the 10th anniversary of the Bachelor Franchise, we thought that we would bring you the updates from the last 10 years:

  • 124 rose ceremonies
  • 789 roses handed out
  • 407 contestants

that the Bachelor Nation have introduced to us through the 16 seasons of The Bachelor.  These are all approximate totals of course, but come join us on our journey of memories!

BACHELOR SEASON 1 – Alex Michel   

In 2002, management consultant Alex Michel became the first ever ‘Bachelor.’  With this being the first season, both Alex and the viewers were in for a few surprises.   By the end of the season, Alex had to choose between his two finalists; Amanda and Trista.  In the end, he thought his chances of a longer lasting relationship lay with Amanda.  After dating Amanda for a year (he didn’t propose,) the couple broke up. After his stint on the Bachelor, Alex immersed himself in his career.

Read the entire article here.

Robert Mills

An interview with Coastal

Producer Robert Mills was kind enough to provide the following interview with our Coastal. We found his views interesting: no doubt you will, also.


Obviously since the first season of The Bachelor, things have changed. What did you like about the first few seasons that you wish you could go back to....ie: How the dates were done? The logistics of scheduling for large groups without all the attention you are getting now? Or what else of the first few years that you wish you could go back to?


Well I actually didn't’t get involved with the show until Lorenzo’s season, so I wasn’t there for the early seasons but I certainly remember when the show started and those early seasons.  I don’t think there is anything to ever go back to in terms of earlier seasons.  I think we look at every season and see what worked and what didn’t and use that info going forward.

Read the rest here.


Mike Fleiss

Exclusive ATR Interview with coastal

Coastal sat down with Mike Fleiss for the following interview. She found him well-spoken, very funny, and laid back. His love for the show comes through in every response.



It has been reported that the reason for you to produce, "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire" in 2000, was because you wanted to be a producer of a show that people got married on while the show was being televised?


Yes, "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-millionaire" was a spoof on a traditional beauty pageant where fifty women would come out, answer the questions, show off their bodies in bathing suits, maybe a talent competition, all in the hopes of impressing a multi-millionaire and marry at the end of the show.

Read the rest here.


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